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Vital information the car companies would rather you didn’t have

Dogandlemon.com (we used to call ourselves The Dog & Lemon Guide) is unlike any other website on Earth. Witty, astute, cynical yet warm and human, dogandlemon.com isn’t just the world’s toughest car buyer’s guide – it’s a literary experience that few forget.

Thoughtful, entertaining and often outrageous, dogandlemon.com challenges you to rethink your most basic assumptions about cars and how we use them. As well as dozens of free articles with titles as diverse as Cars & WomenDangerous Liaisons &The Emperor’s New Car, you can buy tough, objective, cynical reviews of most popular makes & models of car since about 1980, including most current models.

Dogandlemon.com also contains a wealth of free useful information on how to select the right car at the right price, including a step-by-step illustrated DIY guide to checking out a car before purchase.


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