Privacy Policy

This is a quick summary of our privacy policy. If you’d like it in incomprehensible legalise, just ask.

  • We won't sell or otherwise supply your details to third parties unless you say we can or unless we are legally obliged to do so, subject to the following exclusion:
    if you send us an email, unless you specifically inform us that its contents are confidential, we reserve the right to forward this email (together with any attachments and any information gained as a result of this email) to relevant third parties. We need to be able to do this in order to do our job.
  • We hate spammers too, and would gladly burn them at the stake. We are hosted in New Zealand and therefore are governed by New Zealand's strict anti-spam laws.
  • We don’t send spam emails. However, we may choose to email you about the release of new products such as future editions of our guide or other tidbits that we think you might like to know about. We do this only occasionally and with due regard for your desire for a peaceful life. If you don’t want us to send you notification of future products or other tidbits that we think you might like to know about, just send us an email to this effect.
  • We track browsing habits using tools like Google Analytics.
  • We keep customer email addresses for the purpose of sales receipt.
  • We may use email addresses to resolve purchasing issues or customer feedback.
  • We reserve the right to change these rules as appropriate, but we won’t do so without a solid and ethical reason.