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You don't need to scroll through all our reviews in order to find the car you want. Every review, at the end of the front page, has an 'also consider' section, which lists alternatives to the vehicle you are currently looking at. Therefore, all you need to do is to buy a single review for a car you're interested in. If we don't like it, go for one of the model we recommend in its place.


To buy a review, just click on the 'Get Reviews' icon and click on a make (for example, Toyota). Then click on the name of the Toyota you are interested in (for example, Corolla).

You will then get a list of Toyota Corolla models. Click on the YEAR of the model you are looking at (for example, Toyota Corolla 2002-07). This review will cover ALL the Toyota Corolla models within those years.


To select this review, click the 'add to cart' icon. If you need reviews for more than one type of car, you should go to the pink box at the upper right of the screen, and click on the red 'buy several reviews' line within this box. This will mean you get a substantial discount for multiple reviews. This discount will be given when you check out and will not show up till then.


You only have to fill in the most basic details to get your reviews, which will be emailed to you. Don't forget to click on the 'REVIEW ORDER' button (at the bottom of the checkout page) in order to proceed. After you have clicked on the 'REVIEW ORDER' button, you will be taken to our credit card processor. This is actually the ANZ bank, so your details are secure. After the transaction is complete, you will automatically be sent an email with links to your selected reviews. Make sure your spam filters will let this happen. When your email arrives, just click on the links within it, and your PDF reviews should display immediately. If you're using an older internet browser, such as Internet Explorer, it's a good idea to reboot the browser before you view our email. Otherwise you may get a message saying the file is damaged, even though it's usually not.


You should save your reviews to your computer once you download them. If you're using an iPad, download the PDF then click on the top right hand side of the page: a window appears that's says 'open in iBooks'. If you do this, the document is saved in iBooks and can be viewed without an internet connection. If you forget to save your PDF, you need to go to your account if you wish to view them again. This is fairly quick and painless. If you're still confused, or have further issues, click on the 'CONTACT US' icon above. We have real, English-speaking humans available to help you with any problems that may arise.