New Zealand

If your vehicle is a secondhand Japanese import, check the listings under the Japanese flag, NOT this listing. This New Zealand recalls listing is supplied by the New Zealand Consumers' Institute. It is an accurate listing, but ONLY OF THOSE RECALLS THAT HAVE BEEN PUBLICLY NOTIFIED. Many New Zealand recalls are not publicly notified, so may not be on this listing. If the vehicle you are looking for was sold new in New Zealand (not imported secondhand from Japan), then check this Consumers' Institute listing first. If your vehicle is not shown on the Consumers' listing, check the Australian listings. Australian & New Zealand vehicles are often covered by the same recalls. Recalls are almost always publicly notified in Australia, so the Australian listings are much more comprehensive. However, some Australian vehicles are different from New Zealand vehicles, even if they have the same names. If you see an outstanding recall on your New Zealand vehicle on the Australian website, check with the local agents to see whether the recall applies to you. Enjoy. •Check NZTA safety recalls database NOTE: the Consumers' Institute list of recalls includes non-vehicle items such as food and tvs, so it may look a bit weird at first. Only the latest recalls are displayed on the first screen you come to. To search for a particular vehicle recall, go to the top right of the first screen and search under vehicle make (eg, Saab). • Check Australian recallsCheck recalls on Japanese domestic modelsGo back to flags