Government response to wheel-clamping "pathetic"

The government needs to take a far tougher line on parking enforcement, says the car review website

Editor Clive Matthew-Wilson describes the government's response to wheel-clamping as "pathetic" .

“Most wheel-clampers are parasites. While it’s great that the government has limited the amount they can charge, there’s still nothing to stop these crooks blackmailing ordinary motorists.”

“Obviously, property owners have a right to control who parks on their land, but the current wheel-clamping system puts all the power in the hands of the clamper.”

“You can’t argue with a man who’s just clamped your car; the clamper holds all the power.”

Matthew-Wilson wants New Zealand to follow the lead of the UK, and ban wheel clamping outright on most private land.

Matthew-Wilson adds that the police don’t want the job of enforcing wheel-clamping disputes.

“While police are arguing with a wheel clamper, they’re not out there protecting the public from burglars and violent criminals.”

Matthew-Wilson believes all parking enforcement staff should be registered and controlled by the government.

“Any crook can set up a wheel-clamping business, and many of them do. There needs to be a registration system that requires that parking enforcement staff meet a good character requirement and are subject to heavy penalties for unlawful or unethical behaviour.”

“The government strategy announced today is better than nothing, but only just.”