If politicians were cars …

If politicians were cars, how would they be rated by The Dog & Lemon Guide?

Helen Clark becomes a Hummer battlewagon. John Key becomes a smooth and slick 1950s American sports car, while Greens leader Jeanette Fitzsimons gets run over by Helen Clark. Act leader Rodney Hide is ‘an overweight relic of the 1980s’, who gets compared to Police Chief Wiggum from the tv show, The Simpsons. Winston Peters becomes a Ford Model T, “currently subject to a factory recall due to wheels falling off.”

Editor Clive Matthew-Wilson believes his notoriously cynical car buyers’ guide is the ideal publication to review politicians:

“The car industry is a great preparation for politics. When you’ve been lied to as often as we have, you learn not to trust what you’re told. Besides, our cynicism crosses all political boundaries. Doubtless our reviews will offend all the politicians concerned, but politics is the wrong business to be in if you can’t handle rejection.”

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