Median barriers could have prevented five highway fatalities


A median barrier would probably have prevented Tuesday’s multiple fatalities in the Waikato, says the car review website

Police have stated that one vehicle crossed the centre line of the road. Five people were killed in the resultant head-on collision.

Congestion charges won’t solve the mass transport problem

Efficient public transport would remove the need for congestion charges, says the car review website
Editor Clive Matthew-Wilson says:

“The biggest reason people drive is because public transport is mostly crap. Public transport in cities like Auckland is inconvenient, unreliable, expensive, unsafe and fails to cover many transport routes for much of the time. Is it any wonder that people drive cars?”

National’s pledge to fix roads won’t work

The New Zealand National Party’s $500 million pledge to fix potholes does not address the major cause of our damaged roads, says the car review website editor Clive Matthew-Wilson, who is an outspoken road safety campaigner, says:

General election outcome may swing on Auckland light rail

The government will probably lose the general election if it continues with its proposed Auckland Dominion Road Light Rail project, says the car review website

Up to 10,000 vehicles may be written off after recent floods

The recent catastrophic floods in the Auckland region may have caused more vehicle damage than any other single event in this country’s history, says the car review website dogandlemon.

Editor Clive Matthew-Wilson says:

“As of last Friday, about 4000 vehicles had been written off by insurers and sent for auction. Many commentators expect that figure to at least double.”

The inconvenient truth: lowered speed limits have not reduced road deaths

2022’s high road toll was not bad luck, but bad management, says the car review website dogandlemon.

Editor Clive Matthew-Wilson, who is an outspoken road safety campaigner, says:

Trucks do the most damage on our roads, but pay the least towards fixing them

20% of the road toll involves trucks. Seven members of the same family died in this head-on collision with a truck near Picton. They were not speeding.


call by the Road Transport Forum for increased spending on roads is “utterly hypocritical” says the car review website

How to prevent your car being stolen by ram-raiders

It’s relatively easy to discourage car thieves from stealing your car, say the car review website Editor Clive Matthew-Wilson says ram raiders usually target cars that are easily to steal, such as cheaper versions of the Toyota Aqua, Nissan Tiida, Mazda Demio and Mazda Atenza. 

Criminals openly selling stolen cars, and getting away with it

Criminals are exploiting the vehicle registration system to sell stolen cars without penalty, says the car review website

Editor Clive Matthew-Wilson says:

“Thanks to an incredibly slack vehicle registration system, criminals are stealing vehicles, then simply going online and transferring the ownership. They then sell these stolen vehicles and walk away with the cash.”

“Worse, the police seem largely uninterested in catching these criminals.”

Congestion charges hand over our roads to wealthy motorists

Congestion charges penalise poor people and fail to deal with the reasons for traffic congestion, says the car review website 

Editor Clive Matthew-Wilson says:

“Congestion charges discourage ride-sharing and encourage wealthier people to use cars. But cities like Auckland weren’t built by wealthy people; Auckland was built by poor people who often had little choice but to drive to work.”