Time to close down rogue car rental firms, says campaigner

The government should set higher standards for rental vehicles, including appearance and safety, says the car review website

Editor Clive Matthew-Wilson says:

Engineer calls for urgent carpark checks after near-fatal accident

A respected civil engineer has called for an urgent examination of New Zealand’s parking buildings, after the recent incident where a motorist drove straight off a four-storey carpark.

Licence scam “the tip of the iceberg” says safety campaigner

A prominent road safety campaigner has suggested that many motorists from China and India may not have valid licences when they drive in New Zealand.

Clive Matthew-Wilson, editor of the car review website, says the Auckland example, where a booking officer at AA Meadowlands has allegedly been selling licences for $500, is “just the tip of the iceberg.”

Collins wrong to claim credit for reduction in boy racer incidents

Former Police Minister Judith Collins was dishonest to claim credit for a natural fall in boy racer incidents, says the car review website

FBI disagrees with NZ government over police chases

Police chases for minor offences are dangerous and generally unnecessary, says the American Federal Bureau of Investigation.

A 2010 FBI report says breaking off the pursuit of a fleeing vehicle has very few negative consequences for crime-fighting.

Unforgiving roads a major factor in holiday road toll

At least half of the holiday road deaths might not have occurred on a well-built roading system, says the car review website

Government inaction drives tourist road toll, says safety campaigner

The government’s strategy for preventing tourist accidents has been a complete failure, says the car review website

Editor Clive Matthew-Wilson, who is an outspoken road safety campaigner, says many tourists simply lack the skills to drive safely on New Zealand roads, yet the government does nothing to stop them from renting cars and crashing.